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referral marketing

Referral marketing is an extremely effective tool for acquiring new customers, which is done through word of mouth and references from existing customers. Through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, suitable micro-influencers can help you get your message heard. The difference to a conventional influencer campaign is that our micro-influencers (300+ followers) with a brand or product post are much more credible and also cheaper.  These posts have a massively higher engagement rate and so we can, for example, spread your brand hashtag.  You also have the image rights of the posts and can use them as user-generated content. Select from our large pool,  the best and most motivated micro-influencers from across Switzerland.  Overall, we can potentially reach 100,000 contacts with them. Through this natural form of product placement, you will gain the trust of your target group.


Your advantages at a glance:

Higher engagement rates
Reach and brand awareness
More content and the Picture rights
Credibility and online presence
New followers
More traffic
Content from brand-loyal promoters
Inexpensive and time-saving


Let us mediate. We recommend, you decide!