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Through trustworthy sponsorship campaigns, your message is positively anchored in the mind of consumers.  Whether in the field of festivals, sport, or the environment- there are countless ways to connect with your target group in exciting surroundings.  With special Buildings (Bacardi Dome, Heineken Can, Martini Terrazza, etc) we create an unforgettable experience for your customers.  From our large pool, we select promotions with a suitable profile, to convey your advertising message to the consumers in an authentic way.  Sponsorship not only increases your brand awareness but also the loyalty of your customers and thus strengthens your long-term image. To succeed with Sponsorship you need creative ideas and a clever communication strategy.

Promoter pool
Event promotion
Brand Booths/Rooms
Pop-up Stores
Hybrid events
Event built (construction)
Event production
Artist agency
DJ booking
Bar staff
Exhibition hostesses


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